To get your Attendance ID, register online at . The Attendance ID will be generated from you Aadhaar number, the 6 digit number will be generated based on the last 6 or first 6 digits of your Aadhaar number. The attendance ID will only be active to mark attendance only when your Aadhaar information is verified by UIDAI and activated by you through SMS based authentication.

Attendance ID has been sent by SMS to your registered Mobile Number. 

  1. Enter your 6-digit Attendance ID on Screen
  2. A Red light will start to glow on Finger Print Scanner
  3. Now put any one of your fingers on the Finger Print Scanner
  4. DO NOT move your finger on scanner otherwise finger prints will not be properly scanned
  5. DO NOT Press very hard on Finger Print Scanner
  6. Once the screen shows “Authenticating, Please Wait”. Remove your finger from the scanner
  7. A pop-up screen will show your Photo and Attendance Type as “Opening” for the first time you mark the attendance for that day
  8. If Attendance Type is “Closing” then it will be counted as OUT Time. However, OUT time would be the LAST “Closing” time marked by you. Any “Closing” time in-between “Opening” time and Last “Closing” time would be ignored
  9. If, you see a CROSS instead of your photo, then some ERROR has occurred while marking attendance.
  10. You will be able to mark your attendance in any bio-metric terminal installed in various Central Government buildings
  11. You can also mark your attendance in any of finger print devices, which have been connected on Windows 7 or Windows OS. Presently client attendance software is not available for MAC OS
  12. If you are having difficulty in marking attendance-using fingerprints scanning devices, please try marking your attendance through Iris Device, which may be available with NIC In-charge in your organization

What each ERROR means

  1. Error 300 or 500 – Mark your attendance using other finger/thumb
  2. Error 997 – Your finger prints are not properly registered at UIDAI. Please get your Finger Prints and Iris re-scanned at permanent Aadhaar Centers near you. Don’t forget to mention your Aadhaar number. 
    UIDAI HELP LINE – 1800 300 1947